Kiran Bedi

Topics: Left-handedness, Finger, Hand Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Kiran Bedi's hand analysis
Kiran Bedi, a retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, and currently a social activist, has hands that all administrators should have. The shape of her hands shows her breadth of vision, common sense, pragmatism, thoughtfulness and analytical ability. Her thumb is excellent, long and well shaped. This tells us about her strong leadership ability. The ability to control others and herself. All is not perfect about her however, and no one knows this better than she herself. There is a certain inner  diffidence about her which may not be evident to the outside world. She may appear proud and confident, but the shape of her Jupiter finger (on her right hand) shows elements of self doubt. She is right handed and it is the right hand which shows her current state of mind.

The Jupiter finger on her left hand (which shows inherited qualities) is normal, and this means that she was not born with the insecurities that she has tucked away deep in her heart. Her inner confidence must have been shaken due to disturbances in her childhood. Additionally, her left hand also reveals that she was strong headed and intense to an unreasonable degree as a child and young teen. This could possibly have caused conflict within the family, specially as one of her parents probably shared this same trait. Luckily, Kiran Bedi gradually changed, and her personality has been on an even keel for many years now, probably ever since she was in her mid-twenties and achieved what she wanted to. As a result of her struggles in her early years, and conflict at home, she probably developed vulnerabilities which left a permanent mark on her persona.

Although Bedi has a tendency to do exactly what she wants, regardless of what others think, her hand shows flexibility as well. She has an amazing ability to adapt. She is a very smart and shrewd woman who can back off when cornered even if she believes that she is right. Her self interest and survival is foremost on...
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