Kinh Do's Financial Stategic Report

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Treasury Team: Tran Minh Thuy
Do Thi Hai Ha
Dang Huyen Anh
Pham Thu Hang
Dang Huyen My
To Huyen Linh

Ha Noi, March 19, 2013

Hanoi, March 19, 2013
Dear Board of Directors – Kinh Do Corporation
We have the honor to present to you the strategic financial report of Kinh Do Corporation. This report aims to analyze both internal and external factors that affect the position of the company in present as well as in the future. An overall picture of growing opportunities also contributes to the future development of Kinh Do Corporation by presenting potential projects. Our report has been prepared in accordance with the Annual Financial Statements of Kinh Do Corporation from 2008 to 2012. As a result of detailed and in-depth research, Overview, Environment Scanning, Financial Analysis and two Project Plans have been incorporated to provide background information concerning current financial status and scenarios for future growth of Kinh Do Corporation. Board of Directors could utilize our report as a source of stimulating ideas to enhance the business operation of the company. If you have any questions regarding the content of this report or would like to get further information, please contact us. This is a list of our group members: 1. Trần Minh Thùy - 1113150044 – email: 2. Đặng Huyền Anh - 1114150040

3. Đỗ Thị Hải Hà - 1113150045
4. Phạm Thu Hằng - 1114150039
5. Đặng Huyền My - 1114150042
6. Tô Huyền Linh - 1114150041
We hope that this report will merit your approval.

Respectfully yours,
Treasury Team of Kinh Do Corporation

I. Overview of the confectionery industry in Vietnam
The Vietnamese sweetmeat industry is one which has strong growth and is barely affected by economic changes. Figures show that since 2008, retail sales of confectionery products in US dollars in Vietnam have grown by 114 percent. At the same time, Vietnam’s confectionery market has attracted more local and foreign companies thanks to the country’s large population with high demand for a variety of foods. Recently, it is said that Nabati, a popular brand from Indonesia, planned to build a factory in Vietnam. Meanwhile, foreign confectionery producers around the world have increased exports to Vietnam via local importers. Though only occupying 20-25% of the market shares for the time being, the flood of imported sweetmeats with high quality and spectacular designs in the market calls for Kinh Do to upgrade our technology so as to improve productivity and quality, satisfying consumer demand. Especially, with a good understanding of local consumer psychology, we can do researching and create new flavors suitable to the palate of local consumers. Thus, we prepare this report with the aim of further reinforcing Kinh Do’s position of the domestically dominating brand. II. The main objective of the report

The main purpose of this report is to evaluate the current financial status of Kinh Do Company with analysis of both internal and external factors that affect the position of Kinh Do Company. This report also brings forward a scenario of growing opportunities for Kinh Do Company by presenting two profitable projects. We hope that this report helps the Board of Directors have a comprehensive insight so as to make wise decisions for the flourishing of the company. III. The content of the report

1. Overview of Kinh Do Corporation
2. Environment scanning
3. Financial analysis
4. SWOT analysis and two potential projects
IV. Data
We collect data from financial reports of Kinh Do Company in the 5-year period from 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2012. V. Limitations
Due to the lack of information, some data is inadequate, not well-proportioned and difficult to search for or calculate. We also don’t have the sufficient raw data to evaluate the capital investment and profits of the...

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