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Topics: Coca-Cola, Advertising, Coca-Cola C2 Pages: 6 (2744 words) Published: October 31, 2014

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Marketing Communication
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RMIT Vietnam
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IMC Audit Report – Coca-Cola
Student name: Ha Duc Duy ( s3426355)
Pham Chung An Kha ( s3373222)
Luong Le My Khanh ( s3426358)
Do Minh Quang ( s3373206)
Duong Khanh Nhu ( s3410181)

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10 / 7 / 2014
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10 / 7 /2014
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2,396 words (Included picture/chart in-text citations)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Assignment Cover Page
“Share a Coke” Campaign
Lecturer: Mr. Melvin
Group: 2
Member List:
Duong Khanh Nhu ( s3410181)
Ha Duc Duy ( s3426355)
Pham Chung An Kha ( s3373222)
Luong Le My Khanh ( s3426358)
Do Minh Quang ( s3373206) Table of Contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u I)Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc392770933 \h 4II)Introduction PAGEREF _Toc392770934 \h 51.Background Information PAGEREF _Toc392770935 \h 52.Target Market PAGEREF _Toc392770936 \h 53.Positioning Map PAGEREF _Toc392770937 \h 64.Objectives of the IMC campaign PAGEREF _Toc392770938 \h 7III)Analysis of the Marketing Mix 4P’s PAGEREF _Toc392770939 \h 91.Product PAGEREF _Toc392770940 \h 92.Price PAGEREF _Toc392770941 \h 93.Place PAGEREF _Toc392770942 \h 94.Promotion mix and relevant models PAGEREF _Toc392770943 \h 11Unawareness of Brand Brand Recognition PAGEREF _Toc392770944 \h 114.1 TVC with CAN and SUCCES Model PAGEREF _Toc392770945 \h 114.2 Billboard PAGEREF _Toc392770946 \h 134.3 Online Advertising PAGEREF _Toc392770947 \h 13 4.4 Print Advertising PAGEREF _Toc392770948 \h 14Brand Recognition Brand Recall PAGEREF _Toc392770949 \h 154.5 Special event PAGEREF _Toc392770950 \h 15 5. Weakness PAGEREF _Toc392770951 \h 15IV) Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc392770952 \h 17V)Reference Lists PAGEREF _Toc392770953 \h 17 Executive SummaryCoca-Cola is one of the famous soft drink brands in Vietnam and all over the world. To increase the sale and raise customers’ brand awareness, Coca-Cola created a campaign called “Share a Coke” in 2011. This campaign was first launched in Australia and then been applied in many countries, finally it achieved the huge success. In this campaign customers can have their favourite names printed on the Coke cans. In the summer of 2014, Coca applied this campaign to Vietnam and it also has successful result. In this report, the TOMA model is used to analyse the campaign position and its promotion tools. To promote “Share a Coke”, Coca-Cola uses TVC, billboard, online and printed advertising. CAN Model is applied to analyze campaign’s billboard and TVC. These tools have connected successfully to customers’ need, created the feeling that resonates with the target customers and finally presented the uniqueness of these tools. When the campaign had the media’s attention, it reached the Brand Recall stage by creating special event: booths in some places that allow customers to print the name that they want on the can. As a result, more people know about this campaign, and they try to get Coke can with their favourite names not for them but also for their friends and family. The weaknesses of the campaign are about the lack of information provided to customer. Customers cannot find the information of “Share a Coke” campaign and its event- “Buying Coca-Cola, choosing your favourite name together” on the company website. They do not know which locations the campaign is taking place and they cannot expect all the complicated steps that they have to get through to have their desired cans. Therefore, the recommendation of this report mainly focuses on improving the website system to give customers all the details information about the campaign....
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