King Louis XIV: One King, One Law, One Faith

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Edict of Nantes, France Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 13, 2014
King Louis’ reign and goals can be summarized with his desire for “one king, one law, one faith.” As an absolutist leader, he centered the country around himself, and was successful in his goal. By glorifying his position as king, he achieved “one king”, by limiting the power of others, he achieved “one law” and by uniting the French religion, he achieved “one faith”. Louis XIV was successful in accomplishing this central, powerful French monarchy. To achieve “one king” in France, Louis formed himself into an absolute and glorified leader, doing wonders for France’s centralization. In 1682, Louis relocated to his new palace at Versailles, magnificent enough to be the home of a god. The sheer size and beauty awed Europe and proclaimed his authority. Rituals, too, at Versailles boasted Louis’ power. Common activities such as dressing and walking required elaborate, showy rituals whose precipitants competed for the honor of their task. These, too, made Louis the center of attention and achieved the loyalty of his subjects. Finally, Louis governed in a matter that did not demand any input from others; he governed in the matter he desired, and superseded the power of the nobility and aristocracy. His efforts were not in vain, people felt honored if Louis were to but merely glance at him, or if they were to but walk with him. Louis exercised much control over his people because of the matter in which he made all affairs revolve around him. Louis XIV desired “one law”, achieved by his limitation of the powers of nobles and other statesmen and the unification of the military. Louis was but a young boy during La Fronde, a series of uprisings against royal policies and heavy taxation. Nevertheless, it had a significant impact on Louis XIV’s reign; he made sure to never allow another rebellion or let nobles to be as powerful as they had been. He ruled through multiple council of state, but demanded an active role in their decisions. “That I had...
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