King Arthur

Topics: King Arthur, Gildas, Sub-Roman Britain Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: August 30, 2013
King Arthur Essay
Legends usually have some basis truth. The truth can be hard to discover after years of oral history and exaggeration. The legend of King Arthur focuses on a medieval king in shining armor. While some of the legend is pure fantasy, written and archaeological evidence exists that the legend was based on a 5th century warlord who fought against the Anglo-Saxon invasion. The legend of King Arthur started in the 12th century by a cleric named Geoffrey of Monmouth. The story begins when Arthur pulls out a legendary sword from an ancient rock and then becomes king. He then built his castle called Camelot, got married to his wife Queen Guinevere and created the round table where knights gather together to discuss things. Arthur then got a magical sword called Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. He then fought countless battles against the Anglo-Saxons but on his last battle Arthur was killed in battle by his nephew, Mordred. Arthur killed Mordred but was himself mortally wounded. One of his knights threw Excalibur back into the lake and Arthur was taken to the island of Avalon. Although there is very few evidence about Arthur, there were still some written evidence on his existence. A British monk, Gildas wrote the best known one. Gildas tells us about the Anglo-Saxon invasion in about the year that he was born – AD 515. Gildas does not tell us who led the Britons at Mount Badon, but in their halls and huts stories spread about such a leader, called Arthur. Some two hundred years later, in about AD 800 we have the first written life of King Arthur by a welsh monk named Nennius. He said that King Arthur fought against the Saxons with the Kings of the Britons, and led them in battles. The first was at the mouth of the River Glein, the eighth was by Castle Guinnion, in which Arthur carried on his shoulders a picture of the Virgin Mary, the twelfth was on Mount Badon, in which on that day alone, nine hundred and sixty men fell when Arthur attacked. Alone...
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