King's Speech Movie Reflection

Topics: Public speaking, Oratory, Mass media Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The King’s Speech
On Sunday, I watched “The King’s Speech” movie in the dorm. When Bertie asks Lionel to simply his speaking technique, but Lionel states that Bertie needs more than simply technical correction because he says physical correction and treatment both are important for stammer correction by saying no one was born with stammer and he wants to the physical cause of Bertie’s stammer. Because when you know what cause a person to have stammer, then you can figure out the way to treat and overcome the cause then that person would not have stammer any more. When Bertie’s arguments about speech improvement possibly apply to speakers who do not suffer with a stammering problem by saying no one can help him to fix his stammer and he was born with it; do not matter how hard he practices the speech he still is fearful and speechless when he speak in public. This might apply to me by since I was born with no stammer if I am ever had to speak publically, alone; I will know that speech-making is a skill that requires practice. This film teaches us the power of public speaking can change people’s fortunes and even the fortune of the country. The power of public speaking can create a feeling of empowerment, as one is able to communicate information to all audiences, along with the ability to influence people’s attitudes and behavior. And power of public speaking can allow one to achieve a position of leadership. That power has been enhanced by the invention of the mass media is that mass media can widely spread out the speaker’s word to all audiences in the world at the same time. So that many people can be influence by the power of words carry out by the speaker and that might be bring changes in their lives. The power has been weakened by the invention of the mass media by some people use others’ speech without permission and people have less chances to give speeches in front of the audiences.
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