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How does an ERP approach affect project?
The most reason that found in ERP implementation failure is the software didn’t meet the requirement. Strategic Planning is one of five steps that Sean W. O’Donnell , Datacor, Inc. president recommended to an organization to follow in order to have the successful in ERP implementation. These steps would help a project have a smoother implementation and meet the organization requirement. The plan start from assign project team, examine current business process and information flow, set objective, and develop a project plan (O'Donnell). Reference:

O'Donnell, S. W. (n.d.). 5 steps to successful ERP implementation. Datacorinc. Thanks for sharing knowledge about an ERP approach that affect a project. According to your post, you stated that O’Donnell (n.d.) recommended strategic planning that includes five steps which are? According to von Hellens, Nielsen, & Beekhuyzen (2005), “Enterprise-wide systems accentuate the need for multidimensional analysis of organizations” (p. 2). What is ERP and what are the reasons for ERP project? (more than 50 words). Five steps to successful in ERP implementation that O’Donnell mentioned are 1) Strategic Planning 2) Procedure Review 3) Data Collection and Clean-Up 4) Training and Testing and 5) Go Live and Evaluation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated application that allows an organization to use for management the business. It is a system that sync all functions, processes, and departments within organization with shared data and accessibility (Wailgum). Increase productivity, reduce operating expense, improve information flow, and enhance performance management are the reason for ERP project that organization considered in order to improve the business performance. References:

O'Donnell, S. W. (n.d.). 5 steps to successful ERP implementation. Datacorinc. Wailgum, T. (n.d.). ERP Defination and Solution. Retrieved from CIO:...

References: eresource Infotech. (2010). What does the term 'Best Practice ' mean in ERP context? Retrieved from eresourceerp:
Middleton, G. (2012, March 4). ERP Best Practices - Best for Who? Retrieved from
Thanks for sharing knowledge about the best practices of ERP. It is very interesting when you stated that “best practice in ERP can be defined as the utilization of fundamental set-ups to the maximum possible to produce the desired performance in terms of customer focus, zero waste of all the resources and value creation.” List the best practices for the CIS 538.
There are six best practices in implementing ERP system that Cortez stated on his blog which are Define clear goals and objectives, Choosing the right software, Prepare for business transformation, Training and support resources, Clear implementation plan and timeline, and Allocate the necessary resources (Cortez, 2012).
Cortez. (2012, April 27). 6 Best Practices for Implementing Your ERP System. Retrieved from Blytheco:
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