Kia Motors

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System Case Study
SIMSREE 2012-14
 The assignment has been drafted for the MMS/PGDBM batch of 2012-14, SIMSREE.  The deadline for submission of this assignment is 23:59 hrs,Tuesday 24th July 2012.  All assignments must be sent to this ID only:  Type the answers in an MS Word Document with the filename FullName_MMS/PGDBM_SystemCase.doc(x)

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 The students may use any online sources to find out additional information about the assignment. Quote the sources used wherever applicable.  Quality and not Quantity is an evaluation criterion.

 Use your own discretion in case of any ambiguities. Suitable assumptions may be made.  Plagiarism will be dealt with strictly. You are supposed to answer the question in your own words. Simply copying content from online sources is strictly prohibited. If we observe such cases, the assignment will be rejected and will have to be re-submitted. Once you finish the assignment kindly check your assignment on the following link for plagiarism:

 Non adherence to the deadline or non-submission of assignment will result in a monetary fine of Rs. 400/- INFORMATION SYSTEMS HELP KIA SOLVE ITS QUALITY PROBLEMS
A decade ago, few Americans had heard of Korean car maker Kia Motors. The company only started selling cars in the United States in 1994, promising high-quality vehicles at prices well below the competition. That year, Kia sold 12,163 vehicles. By 2004, Kia had sold 270,000 cars and expects to sell 500,000 annually in the U.S. market by 2010. Kias are 10 to 15 percent cheaper than comparable vehicles by competitors. From a marketing and sales standpoint, Kia has been a phenomenal success. But until...
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