Khind Holding Berhad

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Khind Holdings Berhad or Khind is a Malaysian leading electrical and electronics appliances company Founded in 1961 by Cheng King Fa. He is 73 years old and the business origin from a small family business at 52 years ago. With 50 years’ experience in the electrical industry, he provides invaluable advice to the Group on production, marketing, new product research and development. Khind has been expanding its business in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in recent years, primarily through Khind Electrical (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Khind Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd under which the two subsidiaries Khind Electrical (Hong Kong) Ltd and Khind Electrical (Guangzhou) Limited in providing home and industrial electrical solutions. In April 2012, Khind successfully acquired Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd and ventured into retail of high end consumer appliances in Singapore. The company has around 800 employees in the regions and had a more than 200 "innovatively-designed" products for the consumers. In addition, Khind is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to Japanese and European customers. A year after, Khind Systems (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd became the exclusive UTICA® distributor for Utica Pte Ltd, a renewable energy company for the Asian markets. The products manufactures from the company include:

Khind Company adapted lower cost strategy as one of their business strategy because their ability to design, produce and market a comparable product more efficiently with its competitors. For example, Khind is a company in Malaysia that can has the cheaper raw material and cheaper labor if compare to other competitors form the other country such as from Japan. By that, Khind Company can produce and maintain their product in lower price with lower cost to gain advantage with the other competitors. So that, the market share of the company could be maintain and increase. Also, the intense competition among the corporate in the same industry have been forced the Khind Company to...
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