Keep Abortion Legal

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Have you ever done something you regretted later? Have you ever made a terrible choice and then had to pay for it? I know almost every single human being on this earth has done something they wish they could take back. In most cases, they do not have to pay for it with nine months of their life. However, pregnant women who become pregnant unintentionally must, if abortions become illegal. Forty-nine percent of all pregnancies are unintended. That means forty nine out of one hundred women did not want to get pregnant. If abortions become illegal, and women do not have unsafe abortions, nearly fifty out of one hundred children may come into this world unwanted. If abortions become illegal, nearly fifty out of one hundred mothers will have to throw away at least some of their hopes and dreams to care for a child that they must care for or give up. Unfortunately, most mothers grow too attached to their child to give it up for adoption. And many of those will resort to illegal and unsafe abortions to stop them from having the child before time runs out, which may kill them along with their unborn children. Abortion should be legal in the United States in the first trimester of pregnancy because if it is not, women will still have abortions that are much more dangerous, the mother or the child may have serious health issues, and the ability of a woman to have control over her body is a constitutional right.

If abortion is illegal in the United States, women will still turn to abortions to prevent them from having their baby. However, they will use illegal and unsafe methods that may kill them as well as their unborn child. There are forty-three million abortions annually in the world. Out of those, there are twenty-one million abortions that are considered unsafe performed world-wide every year, and forty-seven thousand women die of results from those unsafe abortions. This means that nearly half of abortions in the world are considered unsafe, and thousands of women...
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