Karashi, place i have visited

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Sorry that I could not write you earlier. The fact is that I had been on a visit to Karachi, Pakistan and saw your letter only this morning. I had never been to far off place. I had heard so much of Pakistan before. Now I have satisfied my long cherished desire of seeing this beautiful city. It is a large city well planned containing magnificent buildings depicting architecture which I have never seen before. The Bandar area is rather scattered. They have drilled square holes down in the middle of the roads for the passage of rain water. It rains pretty heavily there. The temperature never goes up as high as in the northern cities. Altogether a delightful place. The docks interested me much. You reach the docks by tram. There were many ships and trawlers it was a busy scene. I saw sailors of so many nations walking along the quayside. A motor boat took us to the Manora. There is a lighthouse there. Have you ever been inside a light house? It is an experience I shall never forget about the sea. How shall I describe the sea? The high tides seething with foam rushing up and sandy beach leaving pebbles and jelly fish behind. I was awe struck at the mighty spectacle of the vast sea heaving with foam crested waves and stretching away to the horizon. It suggested unknown adventures and perilous voyaged to me. In the evening I visited the beach. It is a rocky beach. But a fine bathing place. From the number of cars and gaily dressed people one could easily say that it is a fashionable place. The bathers were mostly foreigners. It was a short day so I did not see the city more thoroughly. I hope to be able to go there during the summer holidays. How are you? You must be very busy with your studies now. Wishing you the best of luck in your examination.
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