Kalyan Verma

Topics: Photography, Jane Goodall, Bagheera Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: August 13, 2011
Childhood of kalyan varma.

Kalyan varma, wild life photographer was born on January 13th 1980 in Vishakapatnam. He studied at kendriya vidyalaya- a Govt school- which, he says, was a very good thing. He moved for every three years making new friends which he felt “Not so good!”

From Vizag to Gulbarga, then Vijayawada and finally one year in Canada, kalyan finally settled in Bengaluru after class 10.Kalyan was an average student having ups and downs and like any other kid growing up, even he had ‘dreams’. As a kid many always want to be an astronaut, pilot etc., but kalyan wanted to sing which he tried but failed. Then he wanted to be in the forest.

Watching National geographic – Jane Goodall especially- he always said, “Hey I want to be in the jungle watching animals all day.” Later The closest kalyan got to the wildlife at that age, when the family went to Ooty on LTC.

When Kalyan was a small kid, he used to watch The Jungle Book and it was love at first sight. Kalyan wanted to grow up to be Mowgli and play with Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa etc like many other kids do. He would give up sweet Sunday morning sleep to watch the National Geographic specials that used to air on National Television before we had Animal Planet and NGC on our television sets. The dream eventually came true.

Photography was a late hobby and playing and experimenting with those point-and-shoots took most of my time. After college, when he started working, he could afford a good camera and picked up one of the earliest versions of the Nikon Coolpix 5700 3

In 2004, he started to visit forests quite often and quickly realized, wildlife photography was something that he loved from the bottom of the heart and it was a dream combination of two of my biggest passions in life.

Around the same time, Kalyan also fell in love – with computers. It was the early 90’s, there were so many exciting developments in that field. Hackers, in particular, fascinated this young man.

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