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Professor Bucher
ENC 1101

Freakonomics: Book V.S. Movie
"She's a super freak, super freak, she's super freaky yow!" Rick James wasn't the only person to portray a message about "freaky" matters. Authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubernin coined together to write a book called Freakonomics. Freakonomics is the study of economics based upon the principle of incentives. On certain occasions, there are some theories that suggests reactionaries and economists find offensive by the content that are explained by these authors. These theories are, in fact, undeniable. Freakonomics presents, rogue economists that search for the hidden side of everything. By mid 2010, Freakonomics the movie published their big-break documentary film at the Tribeca Film Festival. There were substantial controversy about the film and book, being that the two were completely different. With patience, time, and effort here's what I critically examined. Similarly, both Freakonomics the movie and Freakonomics the book did convey cultural segregation; the gap between white culture and black culture. A segment form the Freakonomics movie called, "Can a 9th Grader Be Bribed to Succeed?" did not touched based upon in the book. Segments consisting of parenting in the movie were comparable to the book.

Cultural segregation has many categories for such a vague topic. The authors did clarify one unique matter in both the book and movie, names. The book went in depth with the process of white cultural names and black cultural names, but the movie did sum up for the sake of timing. There is indeed an economics factor between the two cultural names. Does having a white name makes you more successful than having a black name? Will Tyrone have the same financial future as John? Some incidents from the book was brought out to life in the movie, which gave the viewer a more visual concept from the readings. Both exhibits the question like, "Should I give into the prevailing norm...
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