Juvenile Justice

Topics: Crime, Adolescence, Childhood Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Is juvenile justices right or wrong?
Edwin Desamour was driving with his 3-year-old son in their Philadelphia neighborhood when the little boy looked up and said, “Daddy, look at the moon! I want to go there,” so his father did what many parents would: he bought his son books on science and space and encouraged him to believe that his dreams can come true. Edwin’s son has been blessed with a vastly different childhood than Edwin had. Edwin grew up poor in a violent neighborhood in Philadelphia, surrounded by drugs, guns, and rimes. At age sixteen he was convicted of homicide. The time he spent with his father as a teenager came when they were assigned to the same cellblock in prison. Edwin was caught up in dangerous surroundings he did not chose, and his violent actions as an adolescent resulted in terrible loss, but he matured in prison and was determined to earn parole so he could return to his old neighborhood and make a difference in the lives of other young men (Edelman 1). Juvenile justice refers to teenagers going to jails for committing crimes like stilling, killing or abusing someone or even a school fight. Well for me juvenile justice is wrong because every person deserves a second chance because nobody is perfect. Kids are able to change after their first mistake. My topics are about students that regularly show up in the courtroom who shouldn’t be there and youths being treated like adults are it right or wrong? And my last topic is about the courtrooms are they being racist or are they obeying the law.

The first reason to change the juvenile justice systems is about those students who show up in the courtroom who shouldn’t be there. For example does students that have good grades and don’t cause any trouble end up in the courtroom for a fight they did not start. That a schoolyard fight or a moment of mouthing at a teacher is no reason to pull out handcuff.(St George, Donna 1) .What St.George is saying is right. That’s how life is everyone messed...
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