Juvenile Deliquency

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Crime committed by children and adolescents under statutory age is called juvenile delinquency. A juvenile delinquent is one who is a minor with major problems. The age limit and also the meaning of delinquency vary in most countries, but it is always below 18 years. Generally, any person between the ages 7 to 18, who violates the law, is considered as delinquent and persons above this age are considered as criminals. The incidence of delinquency is rising amongst the girls also.

Juvenile delinquency is one of the most serious problems of our times. It basically means anti-social behavior. The different forms of delinquent behavior include loitering, loafing, pick-pocketing, stealing, gambling, sexual offences like eve teasing, etc. The rate of delinquency is rising very fast all over the world and one of the main suspected reasons could be the negligence of parents. Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency
Causes of Juvenile Delinquency

Some of the causes of juvenile delinquency include the following:

Family – Almost all research workers have accepted that families of delinquents are characterized by discords, desertions and divorces. Such families have been pointed out as one of the main causes of delinquency. Peer Group – To those in sore need of a substitute for family love and group-belongingness, the peer group or the gang presents itself as a kind of close knit unit that will solve the purpose. Neighborhood – The immediate environments of a child also affect the trend he will adopt in connection with his personality. It has been seen that more delinquents come from slums and thickly populated areas. Educational Curriculum – Although schools and educational institutes are playing an increasingly important role in the training and upbringing of future citizens, they are also contributing towards many cases on juvenile delinquency. Delinquents are typically non-bookish and non-academic individuals who take studies like a burden....
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