Justice System Position Paper

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Justice System Position Paper
Dorothy Brockington University Of Phoenix Introduction to Juvenile Justice Timothy Cariker March 5, 2011

Justice system position paper The purpose of this paper is to state my belief that juveniles should and can be rehabilitated. The goals and efforts of rehabilitation are to keep the juvenile offenders out of the correctional facility.

Peers impact delinquency in several ways for instance; most teenagers follow their friends do to peer pressure. Some juveniles demonstrating behaviors that are inappropriate at times just to fit in. In some cases the peers that are under the influence of their friends tend to due things that they were taught not to do because they will feel as though they may lose the others as their friend. A lot of juvenile’s offenders don't have a positive older role model in their life they can turn to so they tend to turn to their peers for guidance and this is how juvenile delinquency begins. In many cases juvenile delinquents are raised by single parents. Some are subjected to an environment that is considered a high crime area in which promotes delinquent behavior. In some cases when juvenile’s become delinquent they feel as though because of their age there is no real consequence they would face because they are minors. Juveniles have often said “nothing will happen to me because I’m under aged”. Not all juveniles are a menace to society and should not be place in a juvenile detention. There are many cases when juvenile delinquents can benefit from rehabilitation and not be punishing by placing them in a detention facility. In the early days 1800’s, young children the age of seven and older were placed in an adult correctional facility. These children were incarcerated with criminals who committed murder, robbery, rape, ect… In these early years of incarceration men, women, children and the mentally challenged shared the same space within the correctional facility.

The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation The purpose of rehabilitation is to offer programs and therapeutic session in order to assist juvenile delinquents to return to their community. Rehabilitating juvenile delinquents can also deter them from future criminal behavior. The purpose of the community –base treatment programs are designed to serve the juveniles by rehabilitating them so they are able to live as productive citizens within their community. Within the juvenile justice system there are several community treatment based programs that are made available in order to rehabilitate them before entering back into the community. Juvenile delinquents can receive rehabilitation for drug and alcohol use. They can also receive educational courses in order to help them with life skills. Rehabilitation is designed to assist juveniles with the help of a professional team to help teens to cope with drug and alcohol abuse, self-esteem issues, and in some cases sexual abuse. The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation for reasons such as; it can deter juvenile delinquent from future criminal offense. Rehabilitations can also be an alternate solution for juvenile’s verses punishment. Rehabilitating a juvenile can also eliminate the amount cost of incarceration. Rehabilitation can allow the juvenile delinquent to understand his or her reason for their behaviors and can deter them from future acts. Rehabilitation can also help juvenile offenders understand the affect they may have on their community when committing crime. Rehabilitation offers juvenile offenders a new lead on life and implements ways to change their criminal behavior. Why should the juvenile justice...

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