Juvenile Case Study

Topics: Collective bargaining, Discipline, Negotiation Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Vidyapati Little
Kaplan University
CJ345-03 Unit 7
Case Study
Professor Thomas Piotrowski
May 11, 2010

In reviewing the case I think that Sergeant Williams did make a Sound Operational decision. Due to the facts that he observed Roberts in other similar circumstances not fall for the very flirtatious men that she worked with. Officer Roberts was known for holding her own and being very cocky and too sure of herself (More & Miller, 2007). Officer Roberts was also not afraid to speak what was on her mind and has a lot of common sense and capable of doing the jobs of policing and firefighting (2007). Sergeant Williams was only doing what he thought was best for Roberts who, was putting her with the Officer Tibbett’s, the best Field Training Officer so that she can learn everything she needs to known. Regardless if the (FTO) is a “ladies man”. The mistakes that I found to be were the fact that the sergeant knew of Tibbett’s and Robert’s in a relationship in which he should have addressed at the start. Secondly, after asking Tibbett’s and Robert’s if everything was ok he should have used the Price Protocol. The Price Protocol you: pinpoint, record, involve, coach, and evaluate (2007). In using this method the Sergeant could have assessed the problem and dealt with it before it escalated to the point of were it led them to be now. According to More & Miller, a supervisor must get involve, scan the work environment in order to pinpoint the performance problems that merit attention (2007). A supervisor must also identify the weaknesses, deficiencies, failures, or overt behavior of subordinates that indicate the need for corrective action. Analyze all relevant factors to determine the appropriate action to be taken. Then initiate and in many cases carry out the disciplinary action. Next, document the case for subsequent review by superiors (2007). In future situations the Sergeant should also make sure the Disciplinary action is fair and equitable...
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