Just Lather, That's All Analyzation

Topics: Shaving, Fiction, Protagonist Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Just Lather, That’s All Analyzation

The short story by Hernando Tellez called “Just Lather, That’s All is an epic battle of good vs. evil, or right against wrong. This is a battle going on between the protagonist and the antagonist, but the battle that I am referring to takes place inside of the mind of the main character. This paper discusses the plot, the entertainment style, the relationship between plot and character, and how the story is structured. This story is written in the second person ominous style. The author does not give any details on the description, the personality, or the like of the main character. I really didn’t realize how little I actually knew about the main character until I began to write this paper. The author did such a good job with the details of the actual conflict the other details are not missed. The barber in this story was at work when a customer came in. The customer was obviously not welcome there because when the barber recognized him he started to tremble. The barber concealed his emotion, and the customer said give me a shave. The customer sat down in the chair. Even though this customer made him uncomfortable he prepared to shave him just as he would any other customer. As the barber prepared the shaving soap the customer began sharing his occupational situation, as many do when they go to their barbers. His story was a bit morbid. He spoke of what seem to be an extermination of some kind. He stated “We got the main ones. We brought back some dead, and we’ve got some others still alive. But pretty soon they will all be dead.” This was a great attention grabber technique because I was immediately pulled in to story. The customer continues to speak on his killing techniques as if he were speaking of animals or some other lower life form. When asked he stated that he had killed fourteen of them and not one of them will come out of this alive. The customer bragged about hanging the bodies’ of...

References: Tellez, H. (1908). “Just Lather, That 's All”.
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