Just Being Yourself Essay

Topics: Innovation, Wright brothers, History of technology Pages: 5 (1865 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Technology has brought us out of the dark ages and has given us the ability to do things we never thought were possible. It is all around us and it helps to make our lives just a little bit easier. Technology has improved our communication and social interaction by making it possible for us to get information from one place to another in seconds and for people to travel great distances, including over the ocean in a lot less time. It has improved education by broadening our horizons and allowing us to experience and share different cultures with each other and enabling us to connect with new people from all around the world. Technology has made it possible for medical patients to become mobile or even hear again and enjoy a normal life. “Without a doubt, technological innovation is the cornerstone of the foundation which supports America's end of physical and intellectual isolation.” (Lee, C., Para. 2, March 17, 2012.) These constant advancements in technology over the years has played a huge part in ending the physical and intellectual isolation of Americans.

The most important way that technology has helped to end isolation is through advancements in communications. In early the early years Americans were very isolated from one another because any form of communication would take days, weeks, and even months to send or receive anything. The telegraph was the first form of instant communication. It was invented in the 1930’s by Samuel Morse. This device was used to send messages over long distances by wire. The messages contained a series of long and short pulses called Morse code and it allowed people to share information much faster. Families were able to speak to one another in a matter of minutes when it would have normally taken months. The military found this form of communication very useful for relaying important messages to and from the troops. After the telegraph came the first telephone which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone allowed people to simply talk to one another in minutes without having to translate or decipher a code. Families and friends were able to actually be involved with each other’s lives. Today, talking on the phone is a lot easier than before by use of cell phone, which provides us with the ability to call anyone while we are on the go. It has almost become a staple in every household and more often than not we have become quite dependent on them. Then came the invention of computers and the internet, which is even faster than the telephone because we are able to send emails and instant messages whenever we want. The Email has basically replaced the hand written sentiments and has made it possible for people to communicate on their own time. People spend hours a day on the internet working, playing, or just socializing. Social networking sites have become very popular over the years. These sites allow us to share information and pictures with friends and family regardless of where they live. Family and friends are able to update each other about things that are going on in their lives and stay in touch without having to travel great distances. Technology has also greatly improved communications in the work place as well. Thanks to cell phones, computers, and fax machines, Americans are able to contact one another and discuss business issues when and wherever they want. These machines also make it possible for us to work and talk to anyone and from anywhere, whether we are at home or even in another country. “New technology has emerged allowing us to better keep in touch with friends and family, access entertainment and information, and perform work from home wherever we happen to be at that moment.” (Lukas, C., Fox news, October 18, 2011)

The next biggest advancement in technology is transportation and travel. In the beginning most Americans traveled by horse and carriage which often could take up to months to get anywhere, then came the invention of the automobile...

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