Julia Butterfly Hill American Heroin

Topics: Spirituality, Personal life, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: February 27, 2006
"Why should I care about some lady living in a tree?" Is the question that I asked myself before I read the book ‘The Legacy of Luna'. Like most people, I glanced at its contents ran my fingers through the pages and decided that it would not interest me. However it was not long before I changed my mind after reading about her magnificent inner strength and my doubts were soon disbanded for I began to realize its inspiration and the author's inner strength. ‘The Legacy of Luna' is filled with self-determination, love and sacrifice. These commodities outline the path of which Julia embarked upon to discover her true character. It's an epic battle between our heroine of the novel and her oppressors, also known as the lumbering companies, which were owned by Charles Hurwitz. Was she just a girl in a tree? I think not for I believe her purpose was more valuable that one could imagine.

The beginning of the story speaks of her near fatal car accident and how the result of this altered her reflection on life. She began to believe that her days could not be spent ‘thinking of tomorrow', thus appreciated each day that passed rather than taking life for granted. On further examination of her life, she realized her lack of direction and purpose thus decided to follow a more spiritual path. Julia decided that she should take a ‘journey', although little did she know her journey would be more spiritual than physical. This journey started off with a group of friends, and left her isolated upon arrival at the grizzly creek state park, where the ‘redwoods' had enveloped a spiritual feeling inside her. Julia quoted "Surrounded by these huge, ancient giants, I felt the film covering my senses from the imbalance of our fast-paced, technologically dependent society melt away''. We may hereby conclude that she found her comfort within nature and believed that from this feeling her purpose may be revealed.

As her passion became ignited it seemed clear that her intuition was...
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