JUDICIOUS INCLUSION OF RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE INTO ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION: The two primary parental forces in the nurturing of a budding architect’s soul

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JUDICIOUS INCLUSION OF RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE INTO ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION: The two primary parental forces in the nurturing of a budding architect’s soul Ar. Antara Nandy

Architecture is a creative and extremely challenging profession. An architect needs to possess the talents and prodigy of an artist as well as the stead-fastness and accurate decision-making abilities of a true professional. The study of architecture comprises of a unique blend of art and science. Thus the role of architectural education is highly significant in honing the skills and thus shaping the future of the students. This paper presents the meaning and necessity that research in the field of architecture carries both for the professionals as well as for the academicians. Moreover, the students when exposed to actual industrial conditions under the monitoring of their professors display remarkable interests and outputs. This paper throws light on how dedicating time and resources on architectural research has helped in the growth and development of the profession and why does it become so beneficial to align research, industry exposure and academics together as a single unifying unit. Keywords: Education; Architecture; Research; Technology; Development; Relationship INTRODUCTION

The concept and meaning of the word education has held multiple and dynamic forms and dimensions over the history of mankind. Consequently, it has evolved from a more strict and systematic pattern to the present day liberal and changeful structure. Education can be defined as the systematic process undergoing which the pupil learns to understand the self and the world around. It fosters a deeper value system and enables him/her to respond more prudently to external stimuli. Depending upon the cardinal points, the aim and road-map of education can be developed. In the words of Friedrich William Froebel1 "Education is unfoldment of what is already enfolded in the germ" (Meaning, Definition and Concept of Education). The very same philosophy has also been advocated by numerous other dignitaries from across various eras. It is deemed that human beings are born with a host of capabilities and education is tool to help them truly realize their potential. According to the great Indian learned, Sri Aurobindo2: "Education which will offer the tools whereby one can live for the divine, for the country, for oneself and for others and this must be the ideal of every school which calls itself national" (Meaning, Definition and Concept of Education). UNDERSTANDING EDUCATION IN THE CONTEXT OF ARCHITECTURE

In a nut-shell, architectural education is aimed at imparting the skills and knowledge required for building structures with greater efficiency and that stands in harmony with the surroundings as well as carries a captivating feel and appearance. Therefore, the student has to assimilate ideas on aesthetics apart from developing a high degree of technical skill and expertise. The fabric of the building can be compared to a living being that needs adequate nourishment for a sound and healthy condition, thus requiring the knowledge of science and technology. Beauty is such a free flowing intangible gift of nature that can only be felt, appreciated and enjoyed without being owned or dictated. It follows the two essential qualities of goodness and honesty (Hiraskar, 1991). Architectural education has the very meticulous task of converting the pupil into a prodigious craftsman, who has to blend the delicate laws of beauty with the universal scientific principles governing nature, the Architect!

Figure 1: Amba Vilas Maharaja’s Palace3, Mysore: A beautiful example of man’s supreme artistic abilities and technical perfection (Image source: Antara Nandy).

If the architecture pupil is considered as a young sapling, education takes the form of the nutritious soil into which the very...

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