Journal Entry of a Irish American

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Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member: Irish Americans The Terrible Famine in Ireland

It was 1845 and there began the Potato famine in Ireland. Millions of children, women, and men were dying. This famine destroyed a great deal of Ireland's potato crops. Most of families in Ireland, this also included mine, put our dependency on the potato crops as the main supply of income and most important, food. Because of Ireland's sudden outbreak of famine individuals began to suffer due to the lack of resources for supplies, food, and money. My family of ten attempted to preserve our food and crop supply to a minimum, but with ten hungry and needy members the rations didn't last too long. Most of Ireland's people were all in the same position. Individuals began to die of starvation and fell ill with an outbreak of typhus due to weakened immune systems. Less people attended social events, church services, and schooling sessions because of sickness. The terrible months brought illness and death into our family. I myself was left with the pain and heartache of losing loved ones. The Irish Famine put a fire of desire for our family, along with hundreds and thousands of families, to leave Ireland. Just nearly two and half years later my family and I decided to take a chance and leave for America.

The United States of America, the Free Land

The journey to America consisted of my father William, mother Marianne, brothers David and Isaac, sisters Lois and Rebecca, and me; Carmen River Abernethy. The trip from Ireland to America through the ferocious Atlantic Ocean was a terrible struggle. The maximum capacity of our ship was ignored and supplies were limited. Families did not have enough water or food to survive the trip. A high number of people began dying and their bodies being tossed into the water. I remember seeing my sister Rebecca's frail body being hoisted over the ship and into the crashing waves. The loss of another sibling sent me into a depression. I...

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