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Journal Article Critique
This journal article studies about the “Asian and Euro-American parents’ ethnotheories of play and learning: Effects on preschool children’s home routines and school behaviour.” It was written by Parminder Parmar, Sara Harkness, and Charles M. Super; Pamar is from the Pennsylvania State University, and the other two researchers came from the University of Conneticut, both universities can be found in the USA. The article is studying and discussing about the different views of euro- America parents from Asian parents on their view on play. Because it was said that Euro-Americans believe that play is one of the major contributors to the cognitive development of the child. But as for Asian parents they usually put academics first before play, and give little importance to it. With Asian parents play is more of a way for the child to gain social and physical skills.


The researchers conducted a test in the northeast Connecticut, where the children of the both Euro-Americans and Asian parents can be found. They started out the test with questionnaires, and then interviewed the parents after. They use the questionnaires with 25 original questions, to see the beliefs of the parents and their stand on with the subject of play. And after 4 weeks they collected the texts and combined and organized the results by using a table to analyze it. The table is composed with the subscale of academic, art, athletics, compliance and social. Based on the results they have gathered, both kinds of parents attitude on academic is very similar, and not far from each other because the only difference is 000.1. On art the Euro-Americans gave more importance to it compared with Asian parents. Like the arts, the Euro-American parents also gave and have a positive attitude on athletics. And with the compliance both kinds of parents gave positive attitude towards it. And lastly with the social it is also almost the same because the...
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