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Journal Assignment

By Anh-Bi Oct 22, 2014 299 Words

Journal Assignment #3
In Norman Cousins’ essay “Who Killed Benny Paret?”, he takes a strong stand against violence in boxing. Throughout the essay, he provides graphic descriptions of the fighter, “Benny Paret was killed in the ring”. After reading his essay, Cousins has convinced me that boxing should be outlawed. In my opinion, boxing doesn’t deserve to be called a sport. It’s just a very dangerous game that can cause deaths to amateur and professional boxers in matches every year. The aim of boxing is to hurt the other man, and above all to knock him down. This “game” appeals to the worst and most violent parts of human nature. As in “Who Killed Benny Paret?”, Cousins states that Benny Paret “was hit hard in the head several times, went down, was counted out, and never came out of the coma”. Medical studies also show that boxing can lead to long – term brain – damage, and to illnesses. Namely, Michael Watson are disabled for life as a result of beating in the ring. For these reasons, banning boxing would mean an end to needless deaths, injuries and brain – damage. On the other hand, boxing makes violence look cool. The money and fame that a few champion boxers get by hitting people send the wrong message to young people. Children are easily influenced by what they watched on television; and if they see two men punching each other, they will think that behavior is acceptable in society. Therefore, watching boxing may cause them acting and thinking violently in real life, which leads crimes to our community. To sum up, we should not let men do this to each other, we should not offer money to encourage them to fight and we should also ban boxing as a form of public entertainment.

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