Jordan Baker Character Analysis

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The three women in The Great Gatsby show incredible significance and striking contrast.The female roles influence the novel through their unique personalities, how men acknowledgethem, and through their day-to-day lives. The three women, Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle, impactthe novel so greatly that without them, it simply would not be the same. Their personalitiesportray individuality, the way men treat them is far more different than present-day, and theirparticular day-today lives show their motives and who they are as a person.We know the women in The Great Gatsby characterize their personalities because of howthey dress, through their actions, and how they interact with others. When Daisy was firstintroduced to the readers, Nick began to …show more content…
Throughout The Great Gatsby , Jordan Baker is a character that has a very lowprofile. However, you can easily find out the type of person she is just by looking at how shelives. Jordan Baker, “-- was incurably dishonest. She wasn't able to endure being at adisadvantage--”(3.158) and her lifestyle portrays incredible confidence and independence. JordanBaker supposedly lives with her aunt in Manhattan; however throughout the entire novel Jordanis never there, she is always at the Buchanans. The fact that Jordan is a very wealthy golfer anddoes not own her own place, proves that Jordan has no values. Someone who has values is aperson with good beliefs and someone with good motives. The closest value or motive JordanBaker has is her need to dishonest and careless. The motives from each character creates arelationship with the readers that keeps their attention throughout the novel.The female roles in The Great Gatsby remarkably influence this novel in many ways.Their unique personalities give the readers a lot of enthusiasm, the way the women react to mencreate contrast between the twentieth century and present-day, and the lifestyles of the womenallow the readers to connect with the characters and discover who they really are. Fitzgeraldmade the female characters stand out through suspenseful events, a lot of drama, and even tragicdeath. Without the female roles in The Great Gatsby, it would not be as phenomenal, interesting,and attention grabbing than what it is

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