Joneses Movie

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Bonus Assignment
Joneses (2009) Movie

1. Summarize the movie – what is it about, what does it tell us about the marketing community that we live and work in, is what they did ethical or not?

This movie starts with the idea that a family comprising of parents along with their two children shifting to a new town. This family belonged to a high SEC and settled in a town where mostly people belonging to higher SEC were residing. They behave as if they are a real family but in reality, they are marketing people who settled in a town in order to promote different upscale products and services which were provided to them by their company. Each member of the family was a corporate employee, hired on a contract to market high end products to different people in their social group. This is the reason, why the family members were very social and had an art of making a number of friends very quickly. The result of this family was presented to them on regular basis; this was in terms of the unit sales of the products which they were marketing in that town.

As quoted in the move, a concept of Stealth Marketing has been used. This concept states that different products and services are marketed to the consumers but they are unaware of the fact that they are being marketed. This is exactly what was happening in the move. Steve (father) was very fond of playing golf; he made his friends believe that he can play golf very well because of the golf club which he owns. Apart from this he even marketed a number of other gadgets including his car, Audi. Similarly, his wife Kate; used to show off with her jewelry, clothing, beauty related products, etc; their son Mike promoted different gaming gadgets and their daughter promoted different accessories and make-up items which could be promoted to the girls of her age.

The entire family was promoting the products in a very natural way. They were promoting an attitude and a lifestyle. If people liked it, they asked for more information or to gain more attention they used to tell themselves a little about the products. They wanted to arouse a killer instinct in the consumers, i.e. whatever the consumers will want to buy, they will do anything to purchase it. They had become more of trend setters and opinion leaders in their community. They also wanted to generate a ripple effect, i.e. they wanted people to talk more about the brands so it generates a positive word of mouth and in turn increase the sales of the brand.

Apart from this, Product Placement was also used in this movie. There were a number of brand about which the characters in the movie did not talk about but they were visible in the movie. This included the Ethan Allen carrier, Lacoste pullovers, Dell laptop, Krups coffee maker, etc. These brands were used in the movie to motivate viewers to purchase them as celebrities were using these products.

The consumers today are bombarded with marketing information. They do not really trust what the company or the sales people say about their brand; keeping this in mind the marketing community is always thinking of new ideas to promote their brand. Addressing to this need a new concept was shown in the movie that if the people from the own social group of the consumers talk good about the brand, definitely it will encourage them to purchase it. E.g. when Steve was promoting the gold clubs, his friends trusted him but if the same thing would have been said by a sales person they would not have believed him/her to the same extent.

The way of marketing shown in this movie was ethical because they were just showing an attitude and a lifestyle. They did not force anyone to purchase what they were using; it was the discretion of the people in their social group to purchase what they had seen this family using. Through the usage of the products they wanted to change the perception of the consumers towards these brands. It was just a match between the products and people by showing...
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