Jollibee Burgers

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Gold Standard: most desirable or best attributes of a product that is highly acceptable to the customer.

TEMP: served hot 130 °¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ F

TEXTURE: Bun soft and spongy not dry and soggy, Patty tender and juicy not dry, Cheese moist not hard and crumbly, Tomato firm and juicy

DONENESS/TASTE: Patty fully cooked, no burnt taste, bun without distinct fermented flavor, no off taste on any ingredients.

APPEARANCE: Ingredients are complete and properly portioned, packaging used is standard with no defect and neatly packed.

Tools & Utensils
Patty turner, griddle scraper, patty searer, long tray, flat (Hamburger) tong Buns:
Bun tray, bun spatula
Sliced Cheese:
Plastic container 417, 1/6x4 s/s pan w/ cover, 8x11.5 pan
1/9x4 pan w/ cover, ice cream scooper 22 (champ) #28 (TLC)
Mushroom slices:
1/9x4 pan w/ cover, vegetable tong
Cream cheese:
1/6x4 s/s pan, ice cream scooper #24
Lettuce & tomato:
1/6x4 oan w/ cover, 1/6x6 pan(ice), drain tray, CW 60B (1/6 slice), vegetable tong Bkup: 1/2x4 clear w/ cover, ½ drain tray, vanadium knife, chopping board Recta file, bastard ½", recta file holder, stockpot 20 cm (sanitizing) Catsup:

Catsup dispenser red, pitcher plastic w/ cover
Measuring pitcher (sanitizing), wire whisk, aluminum tray, jollibee red tray, hot pan 2 ½ x ½ 100ppm container, stainless burger wheel SBD:
1/6x4 pan, plastic f5 container (parts traex), plastic s2 container (open pack sbd), plastic f3 container (sbd leftover), 1/6x4 pan (ice), spatula 1905 (L), 1901 (M), 1903 (S)

TRAEX Sauce Dispenser Assembly
1.Trigger on 2nd hole. Put trigger pin to hold
2.#3 octagonal (for portion) + octagonal pin (1st hole)
3.Diffuser + o ring(prevent underportioning) + cylinder (insert teeth unto housing channel) 4.+ spring + pistol valve (top) assembly (flat spring goes under) + diffuser bar

Griddle (wolfe/ pistol)
Upper parts:
Griddle plate (platen)
Cold zones: 1 inch top & sides, 2 inch es from below, between arrowhead marks. Bull nose
Inclined part near platen
Griddle tray keep
Grease throw (side throw)

Pilot light – indicator if off its ready
Toggle switch
Thermostat knob setting
1.Open gas line
2.Turn Toggle on
3.Set temp to 375°F
4.Pre heating time 30 mins
5.Temperature: 375+-10°F

Bun Toaster
Round Up (Vertical Toaster)
-2 buns at a time.
-Pre heating 30 mins.
-Setting thermostat # 8
-Heel #2, Crown # 5 (thicker)
-Temperature: 500+-10°F
-Toasting time: 20 sec
-10 buns (regular), 5 buns (champ) at a time
-Green light (power), orange (pilot light), red (time light) -Bun compression setting # 5 (u see #4, when drop u see 5)
-Setting Temperature: 430°F
-Temperature: 430+-10°F
-Toasting time: 30 sec

Carter Hoffman HH56
Holding cabinet – water level sensor (top part) 2L dented line Front display panel - leftmost display menu mode (regular, breakfast) middle number is temperature, set temp: 160°F; rightmost is activity (preheating or relative humidity). RH = 90 %/ CAL = calibration Inside:

Drip tube (right),
Air probe (sense RH & Temperature inside)
Drip Tube slide

Raw Materials:
Frozen Patty
-DP + 2 mos
-204pcs / case (RY), 60pcs / case (CHAMP)
-Walk in – 6 cases high; Reach in – 2 cases high
-Prod code: MM-DD-Y-BBB (blue print), Consume until: MM-DD-YY-BBB (red/ fuchsia pink print) MM-DD-YY (blue print) Rejection Points:
-heavily dented/ damaged cases or boxes
-patties not stonehard
-significant amount of ice crystals
-beyond shelf life
-code unclear
-25% contents are deformed
GS Attributes:
-brown to dark in color
-properly seared
-whole/ no breakage
-without raw beef appearance. Not burnt
-tender and juicy
-thoroughly cooked
-right level of saltiness
-slightly spicy / onion flavor
-fully cook, no raw taste, not burnt
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