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Vidit,"Congratulations to you and the whole Indian team for winning this world cup. You guys have produced a great nail biting show.. and deserves the cup. We welcome you to share the joy with us." 

Dhoni "Thanks vidit, the match was a pretty close encounter between two great teams and our guys held their nerve to win the game and cup."  Vidit, "Who was the main reason for this thrilling victory?"  Dhoni, "All of us played well but I would say the main reason and man behind this great victory is Ajit Agarkar" 

Shocked vidit..., "Agarkar? .. How come Agarkar... he didn't play in the final". 
Dhoni, "Yeah.. that's the reason we won this low scoring match.. if he could have bowled in the final, Pakistan would have scored the winning runs from his 4 overs...." 

vidit, "ok.. fine, whom would you want to thank for winning this final..." 

Dhoni, "The team doctor deserves the credit... he really helped us to prepare for the final..." 

vidit, "Is it? ?.... how did the doctor help to prepare for the final... he is not the coach or physical trainer...Dhoni.. I am getting confused" 

Dhoni, "vidit... nothing to get confused... he has failed Sehwag in the fitness test according to our game plan and we managed to pick a good playing team.. Thus we weigh the doctor's contribution as very high... in fact its better than our team effort in the field. Our game tactic worked well" 

vidit, "To whom do you want to dedicate this World Cup?" 

Dhoni, "The entire team including myself wants to dedicate this cup to Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly..." 

vidit, "I really really appreciate you... its good that you have so much respect for the seniors....and you ...." Dhoni interrupts.... "Ravi.. let me complete... India would have exited in the Group matches if they decided to play in the series... thank god they opted out and we managed to play cricket and won the cup" 

vidit, "The match was a thrilling encounter and was concluded by a single mistake of Misbah.....
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