John F. Kennedy

Topics: Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination Pages: 4 (404 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Chapter 17 Terms

1) John F. Kennedy

2) Robert Kennedy

3) Bay of Pigs invasion

4) Lyndon B. Johnson

5) Cuban Missile Crisis

6) Peace Corps

7) Alliance for Progress

8) flexible response

9) Jacqueline Kennedy

10) New Frontier

11) mandate

12) Earl Warren

13) Warren Court

14) Warren Commission

15) War on Poverty

16) Job Corps


18) Great Society

19) Barry Goldwater

20) Medicaid

21) Medicare

22) Johnson Doctrine

23) Pueblo incident

Chapter 17 Key

1. 35th president of the U.S.; youngest and 1st Roman Catholic to be pres.; assasinated 1963 Dallas, TX

2. American politician; attorney gerneral during JFK presidency; assass. during bid for 1968 Democratic pres. nom.

3. 1961; an attempt by Cuban exiles in the South Cuba to overthrow Castro; effort funded by U.S. and famous disaster

4. 36th president of U.S.; took office after JFK death

5. 1962; several days the U.S. teetered on the brink of nuclear war w/ Soviet Union

6. a program that trains and sends volunteers to poor nations all over the world to serve as educators, health care workers, agricultural advisers and other jobs

7. a program that provided economic aid to Latin America under Pres. Kennedy

8. a response strategy to nuclear tensions that involved strengthening U.S. forces so the nation would have other options besides nuclear weapons

9. American 1st Lady and wife of Pres. Kennedy; known for her style and social grace

10. the nickname given to Pres. Kennedy's plans for changing the nation

11. authorization to act

12. american jurist and politician; chief Justic of supreme court 1953-1969; under his leadership the court made many notable decisions that extended individual rights and freedoms

13. a term that refers to the years when Earl Warren served as chief justice of the supreme court

14. a commission headed by Chief Earl Warren to investigate the assass. of Pres. Kennedy...
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