John Lennon Essay

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A Hero of Social Justice

In our world today, and throughout the times before us, there have been people who have chosen to step forward and defend the rights of others. These people are heroes of Social Justice. Men like John Lennon, conspire to change our world and the lives of those who live in it by spreading a message of peace and fighting for our rights. As a young boy Lennon was fascinated with music and had little interest in school or being the perfect child. He quickly discovered his artistic talents and by the age of 16, had made his own band. From there, his musical talent expanded and the band ‘The Beatles’ erupted as a popular rock band. Lennon used his music to spread a message of peace and to also relay his ideas of a better world. His anti-war movements and protests are a testament of what the world could be like and more importantly what the human mind can imagine. He lives on through his incredibly idealistic music and will continue to do so. John Lennon is a Hero of Social Justice and is the image of Peace. His vision will move our culture from blindness to vision, from numbness to imagination, from war to peace.

John Lennon is a hero of social justice and has spread his message through his music. I. The Rise of a Hero
A. A hero of Social Justice and Human Rights
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B. The beginning: John Lennon
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I. Music, Activism, Politics
C. The Beatles
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D. Getting Involved
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E. Vision
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II. Message of Peace
F. The End
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A hero of social justice is much more than just someone who defies authority and fights for human rights. In all societies, in every period of time, there are certain people, extraordinary people, who not only fight but risk their own lives to defend the rights of others. They are the messengers and the warriors of social justice who fight to create long lasting change in our world and to spread a message of peace. “Specific human rights include the right to personal liberty and Due Process of Law; to freedom of thought, expression, religion, organization, and movement; to freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, language, and sex; to basic education; to employment; and to property”(Legal Dic.). These are the boundaries and rules we must live by as citizens of a government but as humans we are subject to corruption and injustice. Our human rights are disregarded and abused and in the end we are left alone to wonder, why?On October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, England, a boy of the name John Winston Lennon was born. When he was just a baby his father abandoned the family, and his mother could never bring herself to settle down to parenthood. Soon after, she left her son to be raised by his aunt, Mimi Smith, in a respectable, lower-middle class milieu. John was never the perfect child and didn’t care much for school or grades but would occasionally get rewarded for his artistic talent. Lennon's mother, Julia, remarried, and visited John and Mimi regularly. Julia sparked John’s artistic talents by teaching him how to play the banjo; the piano and helping him purchase his first guitar. “John's school master thought that he could go to an art school for college, since he did not get good grades in school, but had artistic talent”( At sixteen, inspired by Elvis Presley’s explosion in the rock and roll scene, John made his own band called the "Quarry Men," named after his school. The band started off slowly like any other garage band but quickly became a hit, playing at local venues and expanding their musical talent. Some years later, with the addition of Paul McCartney and George Harrison, the band became “The Beatles”. "Beatlemania" erupted in England and Europe...

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