John Deere

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John Deere Time line
* NAME: John Deere.
* OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur, and inventor.
* DATE OF BIRTH: February 7th, 1804.
* DEATH DATE: May 17th, 1886.
* BORN IN: Rutland, Vermont

Deere married his first wife, Demarius Lamb, in January 1827. The newlyweds perceived to have 5 children, Francis Albert, Jeanette, Ellen, Francis Alma and Charles. Demarius's past away and Deere married Lucinda Lamb, in June 1867. They had four children together Emma, Hiram, Alice and Mary. John Deere was an Illinois blacksmith from the Midwest and inventor. John Deere realized the wood and cast iron plow invention currently being used was weak and not working to its full ability. 1837- John Deere invents the first steel plow in his shop located in grand detour, IL. This let the pioneer farmers cut cleaner and faster furrows through the Midwest’s sticky prairie soils. 1838- John Deere evolved into John Deere, manufacturer co.

1842- John Deere business added retailing, taking orders for the patent Cary Plow. 1843- Deere and Leonard Andrus become "co-partners in the art and trade of blacksmithing, plow-making and all things thereto…" 1848- The growing plow business moves to Moline, Illinois, 75 miles southwest of Grand Detour. Moline offers water power and transportation advantages. Deere chooses a new partner, Robert N. Tate, who moves to Moline and raises the rafters on their three-story blacksmith shop by July 28.

1849 A work force of about 16 builds 2,136 plows.

1852 Deere buys out his partners. For the next 16 years, the company is known variously as John Deere, John Deere & Company, Deere & Company, and Moline Plow Manufactory.

1853 Sixteen-year old Charles, Deere's only living son, joins the firm as a bookkeeper following graduation from a Chicago commercial college.

1858 The business totters during a nationwide financial panic. Maneuverings to avoid bankruptcy shuffle ownership and managerial arrangements. John Deere remains...
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