John Adams

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, John Adams, John Hancock Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: May 7, 2013
One thing that I learned from watching the video John Adams that I did not already know about America’s struggle for independence is that there were many disagreements among the framers. Some were for the Declaration of Independence and some were against it. Some feared the British Parliament as others rather took the risk to form an independent nation. But as all things, there is not anything that cannot be solved. In the end, the Declaration Of Independence was written and the United States became a free nation. One particular scene that stood out to me was where the man that challenged John Hancock by calling him a smuggler got tarred and feathered. This scene shows that the most affluent men in the colonies were the leaders, the ones with the most power. Mr. Hancock defended himself by saying “I am an honest man being strangled by monopoly” just as a colonist yelled “shame on you!” to the other man. Mr. Hancock commanded the colonists to show the man a lesson, when the man tried to run, the colonists caught him and ripped his clothes off, poured hot tar on him and then the feathers. Samuel and John Adams watch the whole thing. Mr. Adams, talking to Mr. Samuel Adams says “Do you approve of brutal and illegal act to enforce political principles?” I liked this scene particularly because it shows more about John Adams’ character. He was a just man. The scene where Mrs. Abigail Adams and her children are getting immunized against smallpox stands out for its gruesome details. In this scene, an inoculator, a person who introduces a vaccine into the body of a person, showed up at the Adams’ house bringing along with him an infected, and very ill man, from which he is going to get the live virus from. The inoculator is shown cutting a sore from the ill man open to get infected pus out. In the house, Mrs. Adams is sitting on the couch with a bare arm waiting to be immunized. The inoculator then pulls out a blade and made a small cut in Mrs. Adams’ arm,...
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