Topics: J. D. Salinger, World War II, Woman Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: May 30, 2014
J.D Salinger
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J.D Salinger is one of the most mysterious authors in the world. J.D Salinger is known to be a influential writer and is famous for his, “Catcher in The Rye” novel. He has garnered much attention with that novel. When hitting his peaks of success, J.D Salinger declared reclusion during his career. Which fumed up the curiosity of many readers. Many readers notice that much of his books are based on one central theme. When one’s innocence is lost and is forced to grow up. J.D Salinger used to be a war veteran for World War II, and witnessed several tragedies that forced J.D Salinger out of innocence and into adulthood. In one of his novels, “Nine Stories” J.D Salinger uses these themes continuously throughout the nine stories in the novel.

In one of the stories, “A Perfect Day for a Banana Fish”, there is a beginning setting where a woman is leisurely talking to her mom on the phone, about her husband who seems to be mental in the hotel. The woman’s mother is very worried that the husband “try any of that funny business. (7)”. It is then revealed that the husband used to be a war veteran and has returned a bit mental due to the events that he witnesses in the war. Then the scene moves on to the husband who is at the beach and sees a little girl, named Sybil, at the beach. The husband approaches the little girl and tells her a story of banana fish. He tells her that, “They’re very ordinary looking fish when they swim in. But once they get in, they behave like pigs. They/eat as many as seventy eight fishes and/die. (16)” Sybil believes this story and claims that sees a bananafish. The husband is amused and is touched by the little girl’s innocence and shows this by “(picking) up one of Sybil’s wet feet….and kissed the arch. (17)” Afterwards, the man goes back inside the hotel to find his wife asleep. The man then commits suicide by shooting himself with a gun. Through his actions you can note that the man is jealous of the...
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