Job Analysis - Hr Activities/Functions

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Job analysis is important to HR managers because information gathered in job analysis is used in so many HR activities/functions. Describe how job analysis information is used in four different HR activities/functions.

A job analysis is important because HR managers need to have information regarding each and every job that their employees perform and employees need to know what is expected of them. This includes the employees’ duties, responsibilities, skills, general abilities, and knowledge, along with their working conditions and contact with fellow employees and/or customers. This knowledge gives the HR manager an understanding of each employee's position, if work is being done efficiently and properly, and if training or cross-training programs need to be developed or improved.

Four different HR activities and functions that are supported by doing a job analysis are employee selection, training, performance appraisal and career planning. Selection is used by HR to identify the most qualified applicants for the job. HR uses job analysis to obtain the information required for proper selection because the tasks and skills for each job to be performed is necessary knowledge for HR to obtain. Training for employees is necessary for them to be able to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Every employee needs training at one point or another and HR must ensure the company provides these programs. Performance appraisal is another important function of HR and by using a job analysis, an employee’s behavior can be evaluated to determine which actions lead to effective performance and which lead to ineffective performance. Rewards for effective employees and written reprimands for ineffective performance occur at this HR function. Finally, career planning is when HR matches an employee’s skills and employment desires with the appropriate job in the company, so the employee is happy, satisfied and thrives and in turn the company remains...
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