Job Acknowledgement

Topics: The Extra, Gratitude, Very special episode Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: May 5, 2013
This report could not have been written without Mr. Clarence Charles, who encouraged and challenged us through our academic program. He never accepted less than our best efforts.  Thank you. A very special recognition needs to be given to all librarian, KLT lecturer and senior for their extensive help and support on resources research and understanding concept of safety issue and building expediency especially Michael Lau, our QS senior. Not only has that, a million thanked to Mr Lau Ngie Hua, Star MegaMall’s CEO who gave us a lot of reliable and useful information and Brochure (Floor Plan). And to Arkitek T.T Tang, gave us Legend of Engineering Plan. As well as the head of firefighter, Headquarter Balai Bomba Department for the further detail information. What is collected in this report are materials that we found in articles, internet or in books.  We make no claim to be comprehensive. Without you, this report would have taken years off our life (which I don’t have many to spare).  Most especially to our family and friends words alone cannot express what we owe them for their encouragement and whose patient love enabled us to complete this report.  A special thanks to our senior and also Mr. Clarence Charles for guiding us.  And to our classmate for going the extra mile with the kind of feedback that put flesh on the bones.   We are happy to present this report to our lecturer, Mr. Clarence or reader. We are grateful that Mr. Clarence gave us such an interesting project to do, and we have tried our best to succeed at it. We would like to thank all the people who helped us. We would also like to thanks to our KLT, Kolej Laila Taib for giving us facilities and their support. Lastly but no least, we like to thanks and give us a pad of shoulder to each of our group member work as a team for intensive, hardworking and efficient participate in this assignment I. And especially to God, who made all things possible. 
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