Topics: Cathode ray tube, Plasma display, Pixel Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Wei Jiang

Professor Schutz

English 118

21 April 2013

Why Plasma TV Is Better Than LCD TV

We live in a world of choice. Every day, we are presented with the opportunity to choose something from an array of options. And the truth is that we don’t always make that choice accurately. Sometimes, instead of choosing what is best for our personal requirements, we fall in the trap of commercial advertisement and buy something we don’t really need. But, when you want to make the choice based on facts and objective reasoning , you need to compare each product based on the criteria that you value. Now, I will try to do just that when choosing something as simple and homely as a TV, and compare two most popular types of TV’s – LCD and Plasma. When entering the technical department of any supermarket or a high-tech store, many people ask themselves whether LCD TV is better than Plasma TV or not. To answer this question, we need to compare the two products based on several relevant facts such as technical differences, price and commonly size.

First, let us look at the technical differences between LCD TV and Plasma TV. From a layman’s eye, LCD and Plasma TV may look alike; however, a keen eye will notice the difference between these TV sets. These differences permit customers to have manifold choices based on their particular requirements. A plasma display comprises two glass panels packed in specific spaces, with many small plasma cells. Plasma cells are normally charged to a precise electrical voltage level. On the other hand, an LCD display is comprised of aqueous crystals that are normally preset between two panels of glass. Displays are further enhanced by utilizing electricity voltage on the LCD TV set panel.As a result of such technical differences, a conclusion can be made that Plasma TV sets are better in comparison to LCD TV sets when it comes to lighting. Also, many people have noted that Plasma screens give a better black color display...
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