JFK Assassination

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Christina Falzani
February 19th, 1012
JFK Assassination Paper

Friday, November 22nd, 1963: The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was traveling through Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. While riding down the street with his wife, Jacqueline, a bullet hit JFK at 12:30 p.m. Two other shots followed and Kennedy was struck. His body was sent to the Parkland Hospital where JFK was pronounced dead. Then against the wishes of Texas authorities, the body was flown to Washington where autopsies were taken place and he was later buried. This was the event of the assassination of our 35th president. There are many supposed reasons and theories as to why the president was shot and still today people try to link together pieces to the story.

George Thomson, a pool builder from California, published a book about his own theories in 1964. Thomson believes that 22 shots were fired, and five people were killed in the Dealey Plaza that day. Thomson also came up with the "Kennedy Lives Theory". He claims that Officer J.D. Tippit, who looks very identical to the president, was riding in the limousine, impersonating JFK. Tippit was reported killed the same day Kennedy was assassinated, because he was supposedly shot by Lee Harvey Oswald when the officer tried to stop him. Thomson believes that Kennedy escaped because he was supposedly seen at a private party for author, Truman Capote, one year after the assassination. This would match up to the reasoning behind the illegal transportation of the body and the "missing" x-rays. Another contribution to this theory was the sketchy autopsy that was done on JFK's body. The Zapruder films shows a big hole blown on the right side of the head, but neither of the two autopsies noticed the hole. It was also reported that officer Tippit was shot in the head. There is no explanation as to why Kennedy would stay in hiding though.

50% of Americans do not believe that there was only one shooter. Lee Harvey Oswald...
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