Jewish Immigration to Palestine 1945-1948

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Zionism and Modern Judaism

Jewish Immigration to Palestine 1945-1948

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Jewish Immigration To Palestine 1945-1948

The Jewish migration to Israel is one of the most important pivoting points in the issue of the foundation of the Israeli nation. Zionism is the main driving idea that led to the Jewish migration to Israel. The period before 1948 was the period when Zionism along with the Zionist lobbies around the world were working to promote mass migration to Israel even before the foundation of the state of Israel. The migration to Palestine was occurring under the effect of huge suffering of the Jews across Europe. In the period from 1920 to 1929 there was a slow migration to Palestine. This period is followed by the Nazi takeover, and a huge tide of anti-Semitism that led to the murder of millions of Jews especially in Germany in the period from 1941 to 1943. The latter period, had the holocaust as a huge reason for Jewish migration to Palestine. Anti-Semitism and the holocaust provided the political reason to the Zionist to perform huge public relations campaigns through news presses and media. This campaign was to promote the reasons for the necessity of providing an alternative nation to the Jews across the world in Palestine, in order to prevent such mass murder in the future as claimed. In the region of the Arab world, there was an anxiety from the trend of the Jewish migration to Palestine. In the period of 1939 the British authorities stopped the migration to Palestine, leaving the Jews under the growing pressures of anti-Semitism. In the period from 1945 to 1948 the Zionists attempted bring in migration to Palestine illegally in way that exceeds the prescribed quota for migration from the authorities. The conflicts arose, especially in 1946, when conflicts grew between the Jewish agencies and the British authorities. This migration required political campaigns and lobbies to make the populations and governments accept the matter legal and illegal migration.

The “Text Of report Of British-U.S. Inquiry on Palestine” published in New York Times on May 1, 1946 is a rich source for the political campaign that was made in that period to ease the Jewish migration to Palestine. The Aim of the report was to examine the problems of the Jews in Europe and Palestine. The report had seven recommendations that should be applied by the countries mentioned in favor for the Jews in the first chapter. The report had also 10 chapter discussing related issues to the Jewish migration to Israel in that period of 1946, and different ethnic studies. Those ethnic studies were talking about the different ethnic groups in Palestine, their stance against the Jewish migration, their points of strength, weaknesses, and their basic needs and concerns in Palestine. The report in the first chapter’s recommendation had to report that no other countries expect for Palestine has the ability to be an alternative home to the Jewish persecuted population around the world. In addition to that it did not ask any country to make changes in their policies toward the Jewish immigration, although they recommended that the British and the US governments along with other governments should endeavor to find new homes for displaced persons. The report emphasized the legacy left behind the Nazi occupation of anti-Semitism that could be not be combated by legislations alone. The second recommendation in the report was addressed to Palestine. It recommended that Palestine should authorize immediately in 1946, 100,000 certificates for the admission into Palestine for the Jews who have been subject to the Nazi and the Fascist persecution. The report emphasized the presence of more than the 100,000 certificates in Germany,...
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