Jeremiah 20 7 13 exergesis

Topics: Jeconiah, Siege of Jerusalem, Fertile Crescent Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Maria Gonzalez
Reginald Brantley
November 29, y

This exegesis essay will examine Jeremiah chapter 20:7-13 with the intent of showing the reader two things. First, that this passage is a lament, and second that as such it offers present day believers an excellent example of the proper reason to God when ones faces time of extreme loneliness anger and frustration on account of the call of God. Conspiracy of nations-The setting of Jeremiah chapter 27-28 falls sometime between 597 BCE when Nebuchadnezzar first defeated Judah and deposed Kings Jehoiakim, and 586 BCE, when he returned to destroy the city and exile Zedekiah along with another ware of leading families. Jeremiah was aware that enjoys from Moab, Edom, Ammo, Tyre, and Sidon had to come to Jerusalem to meet. With King Zedekiah to consider forcing on alliance that could break free of Babylonian yoke. A new pharaoh had done to the throne in Egypt, and it is likely that the small nations hoped an alliance with Egypt would be sufficiently strong opposing the might of Babylonian. Jeremiah argued that God has given nations into Babylonians hands and that they should take their pushishment and submits rather than rebel. Whether Jeremiah’s preaching made a difference we do not know, by nothing come by the proposed alliance. The yoke of chapter 27-28 is not prophetic symbol that Jeremiah used, often expressively at God’s command. One more than are one occasion they made Jeremiah appear a bit odd. Jeremiah once wove a linen loin cloth (used as underwear) for some time without washing it, and then buried it among the rocks by a river. When he later dungs it up, it was rotten and useless. He displayed it as a symbol of Judah’s faith lessens before God (13:1-14). God also instructed Jeremiah not to take a wife or have children, rest they suffer and die as would the families who would go into exile (16:1-13). We are familiar with how God sent Jeremiah to the potter’s house where he saw the potter crush and rework a...
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