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Advanced Placement Literature & Composition

Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition!

This is a very demanding course followed by an equally demanding test. In addition, this course is meant to prepare you for the English and Humanities courses you will experience at some of the country’s best universities (Get started on SAT prep now!) As you can imagine this course relies heavily on reading short stories, novels, dramas, and poetry of literary merit and writing well-developed, thought-provoking essays. Therefore, we have no time to waste. Summer is meant to have fun in the sun, but we must also exercise our minds.

Since you will find this assignment enjoyable and worthwhile if you do not have to rush to complete it (if you don’t believe us, ask this year’s students), do not put it off until two or three days before the beginning of school. We spent a great deal of time choosing a text that is accessible and enjoyable to read on your own, but which also provide a strong foundation for the start of our course. These activities will be a large part of your first quarter grade and show your commitment to a class of this caliber.

** If you do not complete the following assignment by the required deadlines you will not be allowed to remain in the course. You will be moved to English 11 for junior year.

The Grapes of Wrath - Due Thursday, September 6:

Steinbeck’s 1939 epic tale of the Joad family’s journey from Oklahoma to California has imbedded itself as a vital part of the American Literature canon. This is a selection not only for you to enjoy, but also for you to evaluate as a representation of an America still recovering from the Great Depression.


1) Before reading Steinbeck’s text read Mortimer Adler’s suggestions in “How to Mark a Book” (attached to this document) to assist you in annotating important information. Whether you write in your own copy or use post-it notes...
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