Java Script: A Programming Language

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A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems used for cross-platform Web-based applications. Its primary contribution to the Web has been in the form of Java Server Pages (JSP), J2EE  and it is also used in ‘applets’ - mini-programs written in Java that run in browsers. JavaScript

A scripting language developed by Netscape that adds interactivity to web pages. Its name reflects a shared syntax with the Java programming language. JavaScript (sometimes abbreviated JS) is a prototype-based scripting language that is dynamic, weakly typed and has first-class functions. It is a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented,[5] imperative, and functional[1][6] programming styles. JavaScript was formalized in the ECMAScript language standard and is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as part of a Web browser in order to give enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. This enables programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment. JavaScript's use in applications outside Web pages — for example in PDF documents, site-specific browsers, and desktop widgets — is also significant. Newer and faster JavaScript VMs and frameworks built upon them (notably Node.js) have also increased the popularity of JavaScript for server-side web applications. JavaScript uses syntax influenced by that of C. JavaScript copies many names and naming conventions from Java, but the two languages are otherwise unrelated and have very different semantics. The key design principles within JavaScript are taken from the Self and Scheme programming languages.[7] Except ion Handl ing In Java:

A java exception is an object that describes an exceptional condition that has occurred in a piece of code. When an exceptional condition arises, an object representing that exception is created and thrown in the method that causes the error. That method may choose to handle the exception itself or may pass it on. Either way, at some point exception is caught and processed.

Java exception handling is managed by five keywords: try, catch, throw, throws, and finally. The general form of an exceptional handling block is as follows: try
/ /Block of code to moni tor errors.
catch(Except ion1 e)
/ /Block of code to handle Except ion1.
catch(Except ion2 e)
/ /Block of code to handle Except ion2. .
final ly
/ /Block of code to be executed before try block ends }
Web browser
A browser consists of a set of clients, a set of interpreters, and a controller that manages them. Each browser must contain an HTML interpreter to display the document. Other interpreters are optional. The controller forms the central piece of browser. It interprets both mouse click and key board input, and calls other components to perform operations specified by the user.

Q.Dif ferent iate between ht tp and ftp. (5)

FTP and HTTP were developed to make Internet t ransmission bet ter. FTP is used to exchange fi les between computer accounts, to transfer files between an account and a desktop computer (upload) , or to access software archives on the Internet . It 's also commonly used to download programs and other fi les to your computer from other servers. It t ransfers fi les in two dif ferent formats ASCII for text f i les and Binary format for binary fi les. This al lows a user to perform basic fi le and directory management operat ions such as delet ing, copying, or renaming. Also, there is something cal led Anonymous FTP used heavi ly today by several universi t ies and private organizat ions. Anonymous FTP is a faci l i ty offered by many machines on the Internet . This permi ts you to log in wi th the user name 'anonymous' or the user name 'ftp' . When prompted for a password, type your e-mai l address -- i t 's not necessary, but i t 's a courtesy for those si tes that l ike to know who is making use of their faci l i ty. Be courteous. Some si tes requi re a val id e-mai l address, others...
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