Unit A questions and answers

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Computer network Pages: 3 (419 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Concept Review

Match each term with the statement that best describes it.
1. Internet
i. A worldwide collection of interconnected networks.
e. Four computers networked together by DARPA in 1969
g. Protocols used by all computers connected to the Internet 4. FTP
b. A protocol used to transfer files between computers
c. The formatting language used to create a Web page
6. Links
a. Clickable text, graphics, or other Web page elements that point to additional data on the Web 7. IETF
d. An organization responsible for developing new internet standards 8. Server
j. A computer that accepts requests from computers connected to it and shares resources with those computers. 9. LAN
f. A network of computers located close together
10. ISP
h. A business that offers an Internet connection to your home or office

Select the best answer from the list of choices.
11. The long-distance lines and supporting technology that transport large amounts of data between major network nodes are called a (n) a. Network backbone
b. IAP
c. TI line
d. network access point
12. The type of cable used in telephone connections is called: a. twisted-pair cable
b. TCP/IP cable
c. fiber-optic cable
d. coaxial cable
13. Which of the following methods is the switching method used by the Internet? a. circuit switching
b. cable switching
c. Transmission switching
d. Packet switching
14. Which of the following is the term for the collection of rules that computers follow when formatting, ordering, and error-checking data sent across a network? a. open architecture
e. Protocol
b. Router
15. Which of the following terms is used to describe computer networks that use the TCP/IP protocol but do not connect to sites outside the firm? a. Internet
b. Intranet
d. World Wide Web

16. Which of the following is requirement for all home and business Internet connections? a. an ISP
b. DSL service...
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