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The origin of the ninja is obscure and difficult to determine, but can be surmised to be around the 14th century.[4] However, the antecedents to the Ninja may have existed as early as the Heian[5] and early Kamakura eras.[6] Few written records exist to detail the activities of the ninja. The word shinobi did not exist to describe a ninja-like agent until the 15th century, and it is unlikely that spies and mercenaries prior to this time were seen as a specialized group. In the unrest of the Sengoku period (15th - 17th centuries), mercenaries and spies for hire arose out of the Iga and Kōga regions of Japan, and it is from these clans that much of later knowledge regarding the ninja is inferred. Following the unification of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate, the ninja descended again into obscurity.[7] However, in the 17th and 18th centuries, manuals such as the Bansenshukai (1676) — often centered around Chinese military philosophy — appeared in significant numbers.[8] These writings revealed an assortment of philosophies, religious beliefs, their application in warfare, as well as the espionage techniques that form the basis of the ninja's art. The word ninjutsu would later come to describe a wide variety of practices related to the ninja.

The mysterious nature of the ninja has long captured popular imagination in Japan, and later the rest of the world. Ninjas figure prominently in folklore and legend, and as a result it is often difficult to separate historical fact from myth. Some legendary abilities include invisibility, walking on water, and control over natural elements. The ninja is also prevalent in popular culture, appearing in many forms of entertainment media

Ninja were people in black costumes who had extraordinary skills and abilities. The origin of ninja isn't clear, but it's said that might be around 6th century. In the 15th century, ninja flourished as spys who helped feudal lords and samurai warriors with special tools. Shuriken were sharp hand-held weapons ninja used to throw. There were mainly two styles of ninja: Koga ninja which is originated in Shiga prefecture and Iga ninja which is originated in Mie prefecture. Ninja houses looked ordinary houses, but there were hidden mechanisms so that they could hide secrets.

There are fun places in Japan where visitors can experience ninja techniques and secret mechanisms in ninja houses. Some of them offer ninja schools and classes.

270–310 Emperor Ōjin Fondano Miko no Mikoto / Otomowake no Mikoto / Humudawake no Mikoto Last proto-historical emperor, deified as Hachiman.[15] 0160 !16 90313313–399 Emperor Nintoku Oho Sazaki no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[16] 0170 !17 90400400–405 Emperor Richū Isaho Wake no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[17] 0180 !18 90406406–410 Emperor Hanzei Tajihi Mizuha Wake no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[18] 0190 !19 90411411–453 Emperor Ingyō Wo Asazuma Wakugo no Sukune Inaccurate dates.[19] 0200 !20 90453453–456 Emperor Ankō Anaho no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[20] 0210 !21 90456456–479 Emperor Yūryaku Oho Hatsuse Wakatakeru no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[21] 0220 !22 90480480–484 Emperor Seinei Siraka Takehiro Kuni Osi Waka Yamato Neko no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[22] 0230 !23 90485485–487 Emperor Kenzō Ohoke no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[23] 0240 !24 90488488–498 Emperor Ninken Ohosi(Ohosu) no Mikoto/ Simano Iratsuko Inaccurate dates.[24] 0250 !25 90498498–506 Emperor Buretsu Wohatsuse Wakasazaki Inaccurate dates.[25] 0260 !26 90507507–531 Emperor Keitai Ōto/Hikofuto (Hikofuto no Mikoto/Ōdo no Sumera Mikoto) Possible founder of new dynasty.[26] 0270 !27 90531531–535 Emperor Ankan Hirokuni Oshitake Kanahi no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[27] 0280 !28 90535535–539 Emperor Senka Takeo Hirokuni Oshitate no Mikoto Inaccurate dates.[28] Asuka period (592–710)

0290 !29 90539539–571 Emperor Kimmei Amekuni Oshiharuki Hironiwa no Sumera Mikoto Traditional dates.[29] 0300 !30 90572572–585 Emperor Bidatsu Osada no Nunakura no Futotamashiki...
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