japan air raid

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The massive air raids that the United States conducted over Japan during World War II prior to the atomic bombs and the incendiary bombs killed large numbers of civilians and bombed targets that had little or no military value.

These attacks were in response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a surprise military attack by the Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941. The attack destroyed our Pacific Fleet. These attacks began in June 1942 and was led by Colonel Doolittle. Strategic bombing began in 1944 and ended with the ending of the war in August 1945. By 1945, the Japanese government moved their own line of industries into homes of their citizens thinking it would be protected, by doing this they had put their citizens in danger. There citizens home were bombed. The homes of citizens were not the only innocent people bombed. In one square mile of urban area in Tokyo, Japan, the citizens in that area were burned to death by incendiary bombs.

All of the bombs dropped in Japan resulted in close to 900,000 innocent people dead. Japanese government did not prepare their cities or citizens for these bombing.There was very few shelters built to because of the shortages of concrete and steel. Citizens were trained to fight fires in response to incendiary and high explosive bombs but they didn’t have enough training. With little training the bombs were able to damage much of the cities.

In 1940, the United States Army Air Force began to plan an air campaign against japan. Due to the Japanese being successful in the first few months of the Pacific War the United States plans for attacks against Japan's homeland had been nullified. Along with those plans no longer happening the United States plans to start a small scale campaign from bases in China were also unsuccessful. The Allied bombing campaign was one of the main reasons Japanese government had decided to surrender in mid-April 1945.

Japan's government had plans to protect...
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