Jane Eyre Essay

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In the novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë describes and expresses the life of the protagonist, Jane, through the character’s own eyes. As Jane begins to explain her story to the reader, it is shown fairly quickly that she leads, perhaps not a terrible, but an ill-fated life. Brontë uses this to her full advantage, swirling different styles into the tale through Jane’s sense of self or outlook on the world, her discovery of the truths of her relationships, and the bizarre events that take place over the course of the story. These styles are romantic and gothic, and Brontë incorporates aspects from both in her novel in a way that they smoothly advance the story.

The style Brontë uses for Jane’s personality is romantic. Brontë gives Jane very romantic character traits. Jane may at first be considered a very common or ordinary person but she is in truth very original, “[when Rochester expresses his surprise that she is thus]” (). Even Mr. Rochester, one of the few people she’s become close to, is surprised to discover how unique Jane’s mind is. It is her mind, in fact, that he comes to love so much. Another clear example of romanticism is how Jane freely expresses herself, “It was Bessie… but I did not stir… I was not disposed to care much for the nursemaid’s transitory anger, and I was disposed to bask in her youthful lightness of heart. I just put my two arms around her and said, ‘Come, Bessie! don’t scold!’ the action was… frank and fearless” (36). Even as a young child Jane was rather bold, and this trait only grew more as she aged. She does not hesitate to express herself even with Mr. Rochester, who was in a higher social class than herself. Being individual, thoughtful and expressing things freely, which Jane is and does, are all elements of a romantic writing style, clearly showing that Brontë uses this style in her novel.

The style Brontë uses for many of the settings in Jane’s life is gothic. The events and settings that happen throughout Jane’s life...
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