Jan Lokpal Bill

Topics: Political corruption, Bribery, Government Pages: 9 (3318 words) Published: September 2, 2011
Jan lokpal bill 2011

The article describes the various salient features of Jan lokpal bill of Anna Hazare. It also states the corruption in India and the need for anti-corruption laws.It also tells the news and updates on the lokpal bill and how the Jan lokpal bill differs from the government lokpal bill.

Why is there a need for anti-corruption laws?

All of us are aware of the fact that the country, whom we love so much has been in the clutches and the diabolical jaws of the virus, called corruption. Corruption in India is the main cause of its every failure. Every developmental project and the defense requirements are being overshadowed by the corrupt officials. Even the very magistrates who are believed to be the axis of the law are corrupted to such an extent that millions of cases are pending for the last few days. I have listed some of the areas where India heads in the field of corruption: • Medicines and health care: In many of the hospitals, the doctors and the nurses who are accorded a place next to God play with the health and the life of the patients by supplying them fake medicines and drugs. There are various cases in which the important and vital organs like the kidney, liver, cornea of the eye are extracted from the patient's body even before his death and that also, without proper permit from the law or the family members. • Black money: India currently ranks first in the amount of black money with an overwhelming sum of US$1450 in the Swiss bank. Some days ago, there was a news that stated that the former minister of Haryana has spent 250 crore of rupees in the marriage of his daughter. The total amount of black money in Indian economy exceeds the total combined black money of the world. This black money comes from evading taxes, embezzlement of stocks and accounting information, bribes etc. • Scams after scams: Everyday, in the news we get to hear about various scams in India in different sectors of our economy, be it the Satyam company scam, Commonwealth scam, Scam by A. Raja or any other. Even after solid proves against the guilty, they were not executed for a number of years. There are a number of loopholes in our judiciary system that makes it compulsory for us to think of certain reforms. • Transport sector: I don't think that I need to amplify on this topic any further. We ourselves are a part of this allegation that is imposed on our country. The traffic constables do not pay any heed to the need of traffic management, resulting in traffic jams and accidents. They do not cut a bill for the fine imposed but leave the guilty by taking a small amount of Rs.50 as bribe. Even the road contractors do not complete their job in time that increases the expenditure for the government. • Profiteering :Many businessman try to take away the rights of the consumers. they hoard the goods in their warehouses so as to create an artificial shortage of the commodities in the market. it raises the price of those commodities which are then released into the market. Tons of grains have been reported to spoil and decay in the godowns. Definitely, the ministers help the traders in this task to earn certain commission. The Supreme court of India, later on , declared that this grains and cereals should be distributed among the poor fro free instead of decaying them. • Armed forces: In the armed forces, lieutenants and senior officers have been accused of selling the arms and weapons to the foreign nations without proper license. they generally sell their bullets and acquire from the government. The latest Adarsh Society land scam have proved this fact further. Corruption among the police forces is the most common where bribery and slavery of the ministers is most common. Criticisms against the present anti-corruption system in India

The Prevention of Corruption act was passes in the year, 1947 after which a Central Vigilance Commission was set up in 1964 that looked after the civil aspects of the...
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