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ITERA Case Study
According to The Gartner Group, “The migration to digital services is a fundamental shift and is having a transformational impact on Communication Service Provider (CSP) business and operating models. CSPs must prepare to face this challenge at all levels, starting with a future view of technology and influences on market developments.” [Gartner Article 260996, August 2014]

Attacks on small networks represent a significant threat to businesses. Most businesses depend on networks for essential everyday business functions. Many small and medium sized organizations are ill-equipped to monitor and manage the security of their networks. Yet, to be competitive, organizations continue to seek a seamless technology environment that allows them to provide voice, data, and video services to exchange documents, to collaborate, and to deliver products and services in cost effective ways.

Problem Statement
This year’s ITERA Case Study challenges participants to develop a technology solution for a company that will create a telecommunications network to support their staff of 50 salespeople and a five person central office staff located in Manchester, NH. The current system is a hodgepodge of unique solutions that are not integrated. Management has made the decision to scrap the current model and replace it entirely with one that is reliable and sustainable. The sales staff works from offices in their personal homes at locations scattered throughout the continental United States, selling products and services to clients located around the world. The central office staff provides traditional accounting, marketing, and management support services and limited clerical support. The sales force receives ongoing training to remain knowledgeable about the company’s products and services. Clients require very little product support; management’s strategy is to have the sale force provide required support as a means to stay in touch with clients....
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