Italy Presentation

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Italy Presentation-

-Italy is one of the most popular countries known all around the world, it is particularly known for its food, and is considered one of the top countries visited for those travelling Europe The Italian flag consists of the colours green, white and red which symbolize hope, faith and charity. The country is considered to be in the shape of a boot on world maps, and currently has 61.3 milion people living there. As there is a lot of tourism in Italy and Europeans travelling from one country to another due to the relatively short distance, the 3 main languages spoken in Italy are; Italian, German and French. Although in schools; English is taught.

Italy is a country of extremely varied landscapes and consequently experiences a similarly varied climate. Between the north and south there can be a considerable difference in temperature, particularly during the winter. In Milan it could be −2°C and snowing, while at the same time 8°C in Rome and 20°C in Palermo. The differences are less extreme in the summer.

The upper class women in Italy dress typically in donned colorful skirts with embroidered images of flowers and fruit. They then wore light shirts and decorated hats. While men’s clothing was simpler, they still included delicate details. Their pants often had elaborate embroidery or metal buttons. These clothes’ vibrant colors were made out of fine material such as silk and velvet. However, these outfits would have been extravagant for Italian peasants. The working class had much more sensible clothes. Women wore plain skirts and bodices with square hats. The flat tops of the hats helped them carry baskets. Men wore pants and shirts. Typically, all peasants’ clothing came in gray, brown, or black due to how expensive dye was.


Italy is one of the most known coutry prominently for Catholicism. Catholicism is by far the largest religious group in Italy. Catholics make up 87.8% of the population, with 36.8% considering themselves practicing Catholics and 30.8% attending Church every Sunday. 74% of Italian citizens responded that they believe there is a God; 16% answered that they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force; 6% answered that they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God, or life force.


1 Wait to sit down at the table until the hostess has been seated. Then you may follow. 2 Follow the hostess' lead to determine when to eat. Either the hostess will instruct the guests to begin or she will just begin to eat herself.
3 Observe the Continental dining style for holding your utensils. The knife should be held in the right hand and the fork in the left at all times. Holding your fork according to American customs will not be taken as an offense, but it may be noticed. 4 Avoid putting your elbows on the table while eating.

5 Keep your hands above the table during a meal.
6 Use your fork and knife to eat all foods, including fruit and cheese. Using your fingers to eat is considered rude in most situations. It is not uncommon for a whole piece of fruit to be eaten with a fork and a knife in Italy. 7 Put your bread on the tablecloth beside your plate at casual dinners. Only formal dinners usually have a specific bread plate as part of the table setting. 8 Avoid bumping into the people sitting next to you with your elbows while eating. Try to keep your elbows tucked in close to your body. 9 Place your fork and knife together diagonally across your plate to indicate that you are finished and your plate can be removed. 10 Wait until the hostess leaves the table at the end of a meal to leave the table yourself

Breakfast is served (8-11am)
Lunch is served (1-2pm)
Happy hour (6:30-7:30pm)
Dinner (7:30-10pm)
Usually you’ll find that the eldest male or female will be sitting at the head of the table even if they happen to be the ones...
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