It Infrastructure for Educational Institution

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IT Infrastructure For an Educational Institution|
AjithSundaram. B.Tech, MBA, MS (UK), MSc ( Psychology) , (PhD) Asst Professor RVS Institute of Management Studies Kannampalayam, Coimbatore - 641 402 00919655472034



1. Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Architecture Review--------------------------------------------------------------------------4 3. Some Facts on Educational Institution-----------------------------------------------------4 4. Proposed Features of the IT Infrastructure of Educational Institution-----------------5 5. Different Types of Servers to be used by Educational Institution----------------------6 6. Details about the different Servers used by Educational Institution--------------------7 7. Groupware Applications----------------------------------------------------------------------8 8. Groupware Applications to be used by Educational Institution-------------------------8 9. The broad alternatives those are available--------------------------------------------------8 10. Suitable Groupware applications that could be used by Educational Institution-----9 11. University Specific Groupware Applications---------------------------------------------10 12. Customised Application for the Educational Institution---------------------------------11 13. Challenges faced by the developers--------------------------------------------------------11 14. Groupware Applications to supportCourse Team---------------------------------------12 15. Differences between Groupware Design and Traditional User Interface Design----12 16. Classification of Groupware System using the space-time matrix---------------------13 17. Building High Performance Team----------------------------------------------------------14 18. How to improve Motivation and prevent Splits among the Team---------------------15 19. How to create highly motivated team with unselfish Members------------------------16 20. Security----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 21. Current security threats to a groupware infrastructure----------------------------------17 22. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18

“Effective and efficient data communication and networking facilities are vital to any enterprise. Three different forces have consistently driven the architecture and evolution of data communication and networking facilities. 1. Traffic Growth

2. Development of new services
3. Advances in Technologies
Communication Traffic, both local and long distance has been growing at a high and steady rate for decades. The increased emphasis on office automation, remote access, online transactions, and other productive measures means that this trend is likely to continue. Any business or a service relay on information technology, the range of Service expands. Finally trends in Technology enable the provision of increasing traffic capacity and the support of a wide range of service.” (William Stallings) When we are designing a Virtual University we have to clearly give the details of its Organisational Structure, its Technical Infrastructure and the different Contents. We could take these three as three layers for the Virtual University. 1. Organisational Layer

2. Infrastructure Layer
3. Content Layer
The Organisational Layer would be...

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