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Topics: DVD, USB flash drive, Blu-ray Disc Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: October 17, 2014
To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to inform you about potential cost saving move our company needs to consider. As IT director I have found time and time again. We are spending tons of money on Replacement DVD-Roms, DVD's, Storage space to house these disk, security for these disk. I also see a security risk for losing this data. I have Done some research to fined a cost saving move this company could make so solve these issues. My solution: External Mass Storage Devices. This is in the means of USB Thumb drives or portable hard drives. Both hold tons of data. USB Thumb drives come in full range of sizes. Today I carry a 32 GB drive that houses all most anything I will ever need on my to contain data. I would recommend or company to quit spending money on DVD drives and replace them with USB Drives for portable exchangement of data around the company. We can encrypt these drives for security, place RDIF chips for tracking just like our name badges, and price per GB is nearly half at first we purchase them, but with the reliability of theses drives there wont be replacements made from failure. No more scratch Disk. I also recommend 1TB USB external hard drives for back up of data for all portable computers in our company for those that work out side of our office. Please put this into consideration when budging for the next quarter. If we were to 100 USB drives of the office it would cost us around $ 1,000.00. We are spending $35.00 on Dual Layer DVDs per person per month. This is costing us $3,500.00 per month. I also spent $600.00 dollars last quarter on DVD drives. I wanted you to look at USB Back Up Drives. I found this: WD My Passport Air 1TB All Metal USB 3.0 Ultra-slim External Portable Hard Drive Storage. This will do the job and has enough room for extra space when needed. This would cost us $130.00 each, at 20 people needing these it would run us $2,600.00. this would make our total $3,600.00 dollars for the next quarter with no...
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